Our 15th Tong Ren Tele-Class in replay

Tong Ren Therapy - Beyond Acupuncture Tele-Class


The 15th Tong Ren Therapy - Beyond Acupuncture Tele-Class is available in replay.

This consists of an introduction to the Tom Tam Healing System along with an introduction, details to and hands-on experience with Tong Ren Therapy. This course will benift those who are working in the Healing Industry as well as those who are not professional healers. People on any level who are looking to benefit their family, friends or clients. Often people find they can help themselves or they have been helped with these techniques.

9 Session Tong Ren Tele-Class Includes

  • 9 Weeks of Instruction
  • Complete set of Hand Outs
  • Recorded Sessions that you can listen to at your convience or download to your computer
  • Email Support for questions

Learn the Tong Ren Healing Method

The class will consist of Instruction plus Experiential Hands On "Time to Learn to Do" Treatments. This Recorded Tele-Class is a perfect way of learning Tong Ren Therapy to benefit your friends, yourself, your clients and loved ones.

This is a Certificate Course. Your Certificate will be sent to you once you have finished the class and reported back on 3 treatments that you have done.

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Consider the advantages to a Replay Tele-class:

  • You don’t have to leave home – no travel, no meals, no hotel stays - you do it all from the comfort of your favorite chair or wherever you happen to be in the world!
  • You can participate from anywhere.
  • The class will be recorded so if you can listen to bits over again if you want to.

Consider the advantages:

  • This is a Perfect way of Learning Tong Ren Therapy with a solid Instructional Format
  • Class notes are provided for each session
  • Your class consistes of 9 sessions. Perfect for learning, questioning and absorbing.
  • At the end of the 9 sessions you will have a solid confidence on how to do Tong Ren plus will have experienced positive results.

What you need to know!

  • Cost for this Class is 250.00 per person.
  • You will need your own Tong Ren Equipment. We recommend the Practitioner Package or as a bare minimum, the Starter Package.
  • All access to the recordings & notes is via your computer.
  • Questions can be e-mailed in.
  • Your Handouts will be online for you to download.