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Join US EVERY WEDNESDAY- All are welcome.  Bring all your Aches, Pains and complaints.  No Promises ... but WE are Planning Magic.   10 am Eastern Time  -4 hours GMT [Align yourself with New York / Toronto Time]

To Connect to our HEALING CALL by Phone or Internet   Main Phone:   (206) 402-0100  Conference ID: 087932#  --or  USA, Canadian, UK & Australian Local Numbers to dial can be found at:   Dial your local number and then the Conference ID 087932#   --or  Connect Via Skype:  Detailed Instructions:

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Disclaimer: Tong Ren Healing system is not a substitute for consulting a licensed physician. Solely a licensed physician(s) may diagnose or determine the condition or illness as well as when it is healed. Please inform your licensed physician(s) that you are receiving or you are considering receiving this energetic healing modality called Tong Ren Therapy.