Tong Ren Essential Kit


This is the basic package.  These are the 3 pieces of Tong Ren Equipment  which will allow you to start opening up blockage points in the body using the Tong Ren Method.   Great for those who wish to start immediately working on themselves, family or friends.  Or if you have a special person or animal in your life who is currently going through poor health and you want to help.


This starter kit includes all the necessities for anyone that is interested in Tong Ren.

The kit includes:
– Tong Ren Acupuncture Model
– Tong Ren Therapy Magnetic Hammer
– A Lazy Bum’s Healing: Tong Ren Therapy Cross Reference (2012)
– Tong Ren Pocket Guide (2012)

- Tong Ren Information Sheets not shown approx 17 pages of information (sent via email)

This is the basic package which is enough to get you going.

*DOLL MAY VARY FROM IMAGE*  due to supplier changes that happen from time to time