Healing with Kathy Wilson

Tong Ren Personal Healing Sessions

Kathy Wilson

Tong Ren Personal Appointments are available in person or by remote healing.

During a treatment using Tong Ren Healing System, we access the collective unconscious energy through our own chi and use it to provide healing for our patient/client. The chi traverses through the patient’s meridians and removes obstructions or blockages in order to achieve healing. As chi is an intelligent force, it regulates body functions and automatically finds the balance that the body needs.

If you are in a state of "dis-ease" and your body is not balanced and working at optimum level, a private session will support your healing process.

Tong Ren Appointments Sessions usually last between 30-45-60 minutes - depending on your situation and condition.

Kathy lives in Toronto and works out of her home office and home treatment room. She also makes appointments throughout North America around her scheduled workshops and speaking engagements. You can book private sessions with her in Toronto or you can book a remote healing session.

She offers Tong Ren Healing Private Treatments and other types of energy healings.