Tong Ren Healing Classes

FAQ About Tong Ren Therapy & The Guinea Pig Classes

What is Tong Ren Energy Healing?

Tong Ren energy healing was developed by Tom Tam as a therapy for internally healing a patient's energy system by using the collective unconscious. In the winter of 2001, Tom successfully healed a client with lung cancer by using energy healing exclusively. After that, Tom set up a healing class for cancer patients and, at the same time, took the opportunity to train his students in this healing technique. By February 2002, the first healing class began. During the next three years, more than 2200 people have attended the Tong Ren Group Healing healing classes. As of late, the class has drawn people with diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lyme Disease, RSD, and HIV/AIDS - to name a few. People regularly come from other states and other countries to attend the healing class.

What is Chi?

Simply said, when Chi flows freely then the body heals. Many cultures have their own energy healing methods and theories. In China, the most popular energy healing method is called Chi Gong healing. The Chi Gong master uses his Chi to heal others. To become a Chi Gong healing master usually requires many years of study and practice.

How does Tong Ren Healing use Chi?

As mentioned, universal Chi is accessed through the collective unconscious. In the Tong Ren Group Healing Classes, the energy used is not from Chi Gong practice. It is based on belief being a power unto itself. As a collective belief it creates the collective unconsciousness that is the source of healing energy.

It is believed that as our awareness of and research on the positive results of Chi energy healing grows, not only from the healing class but also through the results seen in participants from previous classes, Chi energy will build and become more powerful and effective. Based on his clinical experience and practice over the past twenty years, Tom believes that the increasing number of people healed using Chi energy methods, will further ingrain Chi healing in our collective unconscious and thereby further improve treatment results. Thus, confidence grows-through observing the positive results seen in hundreds of people as they heal from serious illnesses by practicing the Tom Tam Healing System.

Is Tong Ren Healing safe?

When practicing Tong Ren, there is no physical contact between the healer and the patient. It is not transformed into any form of chemical, so it won't cause any chemical side effects or chemically interfere with the medicine patients are taking. Tong Ren is a form of energy healing. Patients may say that they feel tired. In fact, this fatigue is result of relaxation. When the body is in the healing state, brain waves may slow down to let the body focus on energy to heal the disease.

If I don't have a serious problem, may I still join the Class?

Anyone can participate in the class. Chinese healing theory believes that the best healer heals the disease before it presents itself. In the Tong Ren Group Healing Classes, the basic theory is to create the healing power from the collective unconscious. When people sit in the class, they are already part of the collective consciousness and the energy field of the collective unconsciousness. During the class everyone benefits from the energy.

When the patient is healed, should they still come to the Class?

In some cases, when symptoms are gone, the illness may be gone. In other cases when tests results are normal, it doesn't mean the disease is gone. For instance with cancer, when the MRI shows nothing, it doesn't mean the patient is completely cancer-free. Even if the test "looks" normal, it still takes a few more years to know for sure. To prevent cancer from returning, it is advisable to continue with the class, even if the patient comes only once in a while.

Very often it happens in the healing class that a cancer patient is healed according to doctor's report and the patient never comes back to class until there is a reoccurrence. Patients have also come back to learn Tong Ren and to participate in the healing class as a practitioner.

Do I have to believe in "Chi" or its power to heal?

No. Just being open to the experience is enough. The results are proof. Infants and pets have been treated with excellent results. Patients do not have to believe in the practice. However, when the patient doesn't believe in energy healing and rejects Tong Ren, it is not beneficial because rejection is also energy.

In the Tong Ren Group Healing Class, patients and Tong Ren practitioners are not required to practice Chi Gong or Tai Chi. However if any one chooses to, there is no doubt that they will benefit.

Does Tong Ren benefit the late stage Cancer patient?

In healing, we never give up on any illness. We treat all sickness, no matter what stage or condition. Where there is life, there is hope. In fact in our Tong Ren Group Healing Class, most cancer patients are at stage 3 or 4. When cancer patients are in the early stages, it is difficult for them to believe in our methods. Most early stage cancer patients pay full attention to traditional Western healing. When medical doctors give up and tell their patient their case is hopeless, a patient is more likely to seek another method of healing.

Of course, any illness discovered early is easier to heal. But no matter what the stage, a patient after a Tong Ren Group Healing Class will feel more relaxed and energetic. It means the life quality has changed for the better. Even in the late stages of cancer, many people in our class feel that pain eases or the body functions improve. During some of our classes, some patients become symptom - free. If the patient is symptom-free, then the tumor is under control, according to medical science and its healing standards. We have seen many difficult cases in our Tong Ren Group Healing Classes where the patients become symptom-free or tumor-free. It is a true miracle in this modern time.

Should one who doesn't believe come to your class?

We are not involved in brainwashing. The mind is free, and belief is an individual choice. We respect each one's belief. The door of our class is open; we welcome anyone who is interested in what we are doing, to come and share our knowledge. First time in our class, most of the people don't believe it because they do not have any information about it. But after the first class, most of the new people begin asking questions. In order to know about the healing method and results, the best way is to interview the patients in the class, but not the students or therapists. To gain some knowledge, it is nice and easy to come for observation or healing.

Does Tong Ren interfere with chemotherapy or radiation?

There is no need to be afraid that Tong Ren healing interferes with other therapies. In fact, there is a report from Harvard Medical School that acupuncture lessens the negative side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

In China, the most popular way to treat cancer is Chinese herbs and Chi Gong, but not chemo and radiation. Many Chinese in America heal their cancer by using a combination of Chinese and Western method. In America, some hospitals have begun Chi Gong classes for cancer patients. Many cancer patients use different herbs, mineral diets, prayer or energy healing for healing cancer. No one is afraid of the interference with these other methods.

How often can I use the Tong Ren for healing?

Our Tong Ren Group Healing Classes are in various locations. Each location has one or two classes per week. For some patients, once a week is not enough to treat their serious problem. They may need more. In our class, if you want more treatments with Tong Ren healing, you can talk to the students or instructor in the class; we are willing to help all people who need our help.

Tong Ren healing is a form of energy healing. The more you do, the greater the benefit. It is similar to a battery that needs time to finish charging. In China when a patient uses Chi Gong healing for treating a serious problem, they must practice Chi Gong every day. Tong Ren healing is like Chi Gong practice. You can never do too much, only not enough. If you like to use Tong Ren therapy, you can do it as frequently as two to three times a week, or even daily.

Why do we call it the "Guinea Pig" Healing Class?

Chinese custom believes that when you have found a lucky name you never change it. In the beginning, when practicing Tong Ren healing, new methods were tried for healing the most difficult cases. Patients were told that they would be part of a "Guinea Pig" class. After the patients in the class received the "Chi" energy healing, many success stories began to surface and we saw dramatic results week by week. The name "Guinea Pig" class became a lucky symbol to Tom, his students and the patients. So it remains "Guinea Pig class" to this day!

What are Guinea Pig Healing Classes?

Guinea Pig classes are group-healing sessions using Tong Ren therapy. Currently, in Massachusetts, Tom's classes are held four times a week at different locations to aid patient access. The classes typically serve sixty or more patients each session and take an average of one minute per patient. The patients are seated facing Tom and a group of assistants. Tom has an interactive dialog with each patient to determine the patient's diagnosis and condition. Tom then determines the treatment points to be addressed for the patient and Tom and his assistants direct their activity to accessing the collective unconscious and applying energy to the treatment points. Patient contact and even close proximity to the patient are not required. During each patient's therapy, Tom typically asks the patient for his or her current condition and any sensations he or she may feel. Tom determines the length of time that treatment is directed to each patient, and then moves on to the next patient.

The Guinea Pig classes utilize Tom Tam's Healing System. The basis of energy healing is that energy removes blockages in the body that cause illness. Removal of these blockages restores the natural flow of 'Chi' energy so that the body naturally corrects itself and therefore functions properly and heals.

In the "Guinea Pig" class, Tong Ren energy healing does not come from Tom alone. Tom believes that "Chi is energy, which is created in the universe and can be used to create healing." This universal Chi is accessed through the collective unconscious, and Tom's experience shows that the practitioner's belief in the effectiveness of Tong Ren healing is a key element enabling access by the practitioner to the collective unconscious.

Based on the people who have attended class during the last three years, more then 90 percent of these people are alive and remain hopeful. Many of the patients that were considered seriously ill and hopeless have returned to living a normal life, and many patients have been able to resume their employment.

Tell me more about Chi.

Chi is a very well understood concept that has been empirically documented in China for approximately 5,000 years. In Western culture, Chi is probably best understood by university researchers working on non-local effects in sub-atomic physics. These studies validate the concept that Chi is the fundamental magneto-electric field in the universe. In our bodies, Chi is equivalent to bioelectricity, which is essential for maintaining healthy nerve impulses that are required for nourishing cells so they can self-repair. In the Guinea Pig class, we focus this energy via the collective unconscious to release blockages that cause illness. Simply said, when Chi flows freely then the body heals.

Many cultures have their own energy healing methods and theories. In China, the most popular energy healing method is called Chi Gong healing. The Chi Gong master uses his Chi to heal others. To become a Chi Gong healing master usually requires many years of study and practice.

Can the Guinea Pig Class really cure my problem?

Results of any healing modality are never guaranteed. However, we often see symptomatic improvement with patients during the healing class. They report feeling better and being less symptomatic. They feel a "release" and say they feel that they are "getting better."

Over time, the vast majority of patients have reported significant improvements.

There are patients who have been diagnosed with cancer, yet they do not feel any discomfort and generally enjoy their life. Many people report that after they attend the Guinea Pig class the cancer is gone according to medical tests. However, the doctor will often want the patient to continue chemotherapy or radiation.

How can I know that the Class is healing my illness?

A patient's medical tests determine the standard for diagnosis and for healing. Most of the people who join the class have a serious medical problem. They have seen several doctors or healers, yet their problems are still the same or worse. During the class, many people can feel their pain or symptoms abate, but this does not mean their problem has healed.

Over time, patients often report that their improvements have been proven by medical tests. Some results have been so dramatic that patients report that their doctors credit it to a miracle or blame faulty medical tests and even misdiagnosis.

Should I tell my doctor that I joined the Guinea Pig Class?

Nothing about how a patient is healing should be hidden from a doctor or any healer. It is important that the doctor knows what a patient has been doing to heal. Most of the patients share their experience in the healing class with their doctor. It doesn't matter if the doctor believes or not; the doctor should know the truth.

With cancer, it is very important to tell the doctor that energy healing was used to heal. Some doctors believe in energy healing for cancer, but most do not. However, as more and more physicians see the results of the energy healing, their opinions will change and more patients will be helped.

Should I keep taking my medication after I join the Class?

It is the responsibility of the patient and his/her physician to determine the necessity for medication and whether or not to continue taking medication. The physician is the expert and, along with input from the patient, this decision should be made between doctor and patient - this is not for anyone else to decide. In some cases, attention must be paid to the type of medicine a patient is taking. For instance, after a healing class a diabetic patient's blood sugar may drop significantly, even to normal levels. Therefore, the patient must check the levels before using insulin, and diabetic patients are always advised to do so in Tong Ren therapy.

This is also the case for patients with emphysema. It is advised that they check their oxygen levels because Tong Ren therapy can cause an observable change in oxygen levels. The patient is encouraged to continue to carry an oxygen tank in case of an emergency. They should also advise their own doctor of the changes. This also applies to the asthma patient. Even though their breathing improves or goes back to normal, they should carry their inhaler unless advised differently by their doctor.

What will I do in the Class?

Patients are only asked to do nothing in the class - just sit, relax and quietly receive the healing energy. There is no special diet, exercise or religious beliefs required to practice Tong Ren.

During the class, participants are completely free to do what they want as long as they are not interfering with others. This is not a support group, however many people like to share their stories. Many people arrive early to class and talk to others or stay longer to share their experiences.

Some people attend the class to support a friend or family member. They sit in the room, watch and listen. During the class, everyone has the right to receive or refuse the energy treatment. Several family members have taken Tong Ren training so they can continue treatment of their loved ones at home.

What should I feel during the healing section of the Class?

Most of the patients report that they feel warmth or heat, first in their face. This warmth or heat is, according to Chinese belief, the Chi moving through the body. The Chi typically moves down from the head to the arm to the palm of the hand. Some may feel tingling in the hands or in their feet. Some people report feeling their body becoming lighter and some may feel their body becoming heavy and cannot move. All of these feelings are the Chi movement. Some times people cry in an emotional release. After they cry, most of these people can feel how much has been released.

In the class, some of the breast cancer patients have felt their tumor shrink, soften or disappear.

How can I get the most out of the Guinea Pig Class?

It is advised that patients attend class weekly or, and if that is not possible, at least once a month even, if their disease has gone into remission or disappeared. Getting "recharged" with Chi regularly keeps the "engine" of your body tuned-up. Other ways to keep up with the Tong Ren healing are:

  1. Use the acupuncture model/doll daily, even if only for five minutes.
  2. Speak with a couple of others in the Guinea Pig class, supporting each other by staying in touch between classes and doing Tong Ren healing on each other over the phone.
  3. Accompany each other on medical visits when the visit requires important decisions or further medical intervention. It is important to be "patient-advocates" for each other. It is helpful to question the risks of any medical treatment and to explain the progress of our healing through the use of Tong Ren, the Tom Tam Healing System and the Guinea Pig healing class. This is a crucial step for educating doctors about the effectiveness of Tong Ren healing in thousands of cases, for prolonging lives and for improving the quality of those lives.