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June 24-25-26, 2016

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Cancer Theory:

Caused by Bioelectrical Signals, Not Genetics

Anti-Cancer Classes

Tong Ren Anti-Cancer Classes Information Booklet

You Tube Videos


Stroke Rehabilitation with Acupuncture, Tuina, and Tong Ren Therapy: by Chad Dupuis

Lyme Disease: Western and the Future Medicine:  By Aimee DeBarbieri Poirier, Lic Ac.

Tong Ren in Florence Italy

Article- Neurogenesis

By Joseph Lucier

Neurogenesis (birth of neurons) is the process by which neurons are generated from neural stem and progenitor cells. Most active during pre-natal development, neurogenesis is responsible for populating the growing brain with neurons. Recently neurogenesis was shown to continue in the hippocampus and the subventricular zone.

Article - Treating Cancer

Natural Awakings Article Boston Massachusetts Edition:  Treating Cancer with Tong Ren Therapy

  The Human Body Meridians Download

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Interactive Health Tutorials

Learn about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment for a variety of diseases and conditions. Also learn about surgeries, prevention and wellness. Each tutorial includes animated graphics, audio and easy-to-read language.  

The Spine

Also available as a Free Download app for iphone, ipad and android  [Info Here]

THE SPINE- WoW! a must see.  It takes a minute before the spine loads.  Roll your mouse over any of the 24 vertebrae in the human spine!!!  What a fascinating demo of how our spine affects our bodies.  Move your mouse over back bones and see the parts that are affected! 

Healing Cancer with the Nervous System - By Tom TamHealing Cancer with the Nervous System: by Tom Tam

Ten years ago, I wrote my first book about healing cancer, Tong Ren for Cancer. Now it is time to update it with new data; like a computer, it always needs updating. In my previous book, the healing theory for cancer focused on bioelectricity and the autonomic nervous system. My students and I used this theory and successfully healed many cancer patients. Today, I learned about another factor that can cause cancer - oxygen deficiency.

Cancer Treatment Protocol

  1. GV22 – 23 (for Telomeres)
  2. Kidney Flush (for free radicals)
  3. LI17 (for oxygen)
  4. TW16 – TW17 (metabolism)
  5. T1, T2, T3, T4 (immune)
  6. Ouch Points
  7. T7- T12 down spinal artery
  8. Down lumbar spine
  9. Down both legs
  10. Ground to LV3 & K1

Treating Neuropathy

  1. GV22, BL6, TW17 (for growth hormone)
  2. C5-T1 (for hands)
  3. L4-S4 (for legs/feet) here for more explanation

Tong Ren can be experienced in the form of:

  • Individual Energy Healing Treatments
  • Group Healing Treatments - "Guinea Pig or Group Healing" Classes
  • Self Healing
  • Long distance healing

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