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Covid19 Tapping Points

Tong Ren TherapyPoints
Covid Run is good for preventions, pre, during and post Covid symptoms and Post Covid Vacinations

T1 T2 T3 T4 T7 - Immune System (includes lung and airway points)
T8 - anti-inflammation
C3 C4 C5 - Eyes, ears, nose and throat - Corona can be in the sinuses up to 4 days
LI14 GB34 ST36 Exosomes  Stimulate immune response - specialized functions and play a key role in, for example, coagulation, intercellular signaling, and waste management.  
Yiming and GB12 for parotid glands to stimulate salivation
BL9 for the medulla, central control for heart, lungs, vessels
T1 - bone marrow and blood and immune cells
T3 - for lungs involvement of Corona
CV17 - also to lungs and diaphragm
GV17, BL9, GB19, T5Lt - Blood clotting prevention
T6 diaphragm for breathing
Sky window - oxygen, circulation, breathing, phrenic nerve
Vagus Nerve GB12 - Digestion and Heart
GB13(r) - for stress
Yintang - Upper Dantian - Spiritual Strength
ST36 to rebuild

Also good to do calming points GV20-22, GB13Rt, C2Rt, T5Lt

Special points - TCM points but included in Tam protocols
GB39 - bone marrow and blood and immune cells
Lu1 Lu2 - for lungs involvement of Corona
T1-4, T7 immune (includes lung and airway points)
LU1-2 to lungs


Drawing Courtesy of Poupina Na



Tong Ren can be experienced in the form of:

  • Individual Energy Healing Treatments
  • Group Healing Treatments - "Guinea Pig or Group Healing" Classes
  • Self Healing
  • Long distance healing

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Similar to Dowsing Focus the practitioner focuses and stimulates the blocked points in the body remotely allowing chi to flow and the body moves back to balance and wellness.