Tong Ren Therapy

Covid19 Tapping Points
Tong Ren TherapyPoints

T1 T2 T3 T4 T7 - Immune System (includes lung and airway points)
T8 - anti-inflammation
C3 C4 C5 - Eyes, ears, nose and throat - Corona can be in the sinuses up to 4 days
LI14 GB34 ST36 Exosomes  Stimulate immune response - specialized functions and play a key role in, for example, coagulation, intercellular signaling, and waste management.  
Yiming and GB12 for parotid glands to stimulate salivation
T1 - bone marrow and blood and immune cells
T3 - for lungs involvement of Corona
CV17 also to lungs and diaphragm
T6 diaphragm for breathing
Sky window - oxygen, circulation, breathing, phrenic nerve
Vagus Nerve GB12 - Digestion and Heart
GB13(r) - for stress
Yintang - Upper Dantian - Spiritual Strength
ST36 to rebuild

Also good to do calming points GV20-22, GB13Rt, C2Rt, T5Lt

Special points - TCM points but included in Tam protocols
GB39 - bone marrow and blood and immune cells
Lu1 Lu2 - for lungs involvement of Corona
T1-4, T7 immune (includes lung and airway points)
LU1-2 to lungs


Drawing Courtesy of Poupina Na



Tong Ren can be experienced in the form of:

  • Individual Energy Healing Treatments
  • Group Healing Treatments - "Guinea Pig or Group Healing" Classes
  • Self Healing
  • Long distance healing

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Similar to Dowsing Focus the practitioner focuses and stimulates the blocked points in the body remotely allowing chi to flow and the body moves back to balance and wellness.