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Tong Ren Practitioners Q and A ForumPlease note this Page is a work in Progress and its purpose is to act as a working forum for Tong Ren Practitioners to share their working methods and techniques. Nothing here is carved in stone... all is up for discussion and alternative opinions.

For Tong Ren Healing Principles and Guidlines

We have started this page with Questions that have been asked during our Tong Ren Tele-Classes, Tong Ren Healing Sessions & Tong Ren Weekend Training Seminars.

Since this is a work in progess - please feel to jump in with your experiences.

Should you wish to add any information or have any questions yourself you can email (Site will up updated as info comes in as well as time allows.)

  • Self treatment with Tong Ren
    Self treatment with Tong Ren also works by holding a doll or a surrogate stuffed animal with the index finger placed on the area to be treated. This works with or without tapping the finger and even while falling asleep. It might work better than sleeping with a laser pointed at the doll because it is less overpowering. The energy flow might interfere somewhat with sleep. You can use any type of doll or stuffed animal.
    Remember this is mind medicine - it's all about intention and tapping into the 'healing power' A Thanks to Dave for this self treatment idea!
  • Tong Ren for Abcess in Molar Teet​h
    Open up the sky window, C2,3,4 Cranial nerve 7 (trigeminalnerve), T 1,2,3,4,7 for infection. Keep the neck open. Laser on ouch point.
  • What Should I tell my Doctor(s)?
    Dr. Bill Daly, M.D. has come up with an information letter that you can give to your Doctor that explains Tong Ren Therapy. This letter will help explain comprehensively to your Doctor about Tong Ren and your participation. You are welcome to copy and use this letter, but without any modifications or editing please.
    You can find it at Dear Doctor Letter by Dr.Bill Daly M.D.
  • Tong Ren Sky Window PointsSky Window, I can not seem to find this point in my notes or Lazy Bum Book. Where is it?
    Sky Window can be found on the the sides of the neck. In the Tom Tam Healing System, the Sky Window is the pathway for blood circulation between the body and the brain. In Tong Ren healing, we usually start with using the Sky Window points ST12 and ST11 located in the collarbone area to open up the brachiocephalic artery. Then we open the Sky Window further at SI16, LI17 and LI18. The Tiandong point, TW16 and TW17
  • What is the Sky Window?
    The Sky Window (aka Window of Heaven) In TCM the Window of the Sky is seen as a way to connect our Spiritual Self to our Physical Self. A way to access that which is deeper within but is not manifesting to the outside. In the Tom Tam Healing System, the Sky Window is the pathway for blood circulation between the body and the brain.
  • What is SCM?
    Sternocleidomastoid (SCM) - a paired muscle in the superficial layers of the anterior portion of the neck.
  • Where can I find points for conditions not listed in the Tong Ren Books? has Accupuncture Point Location which has diagrams of the meridians and is easy to use. You can find it at Accupuncture Points on the Meridians
  • Phantom Limb Pain
    We believe that when a person loses the physical aspect of a limb, the energetic or etheric body of the limb remains. Everything remains the same except that the tangible, physical, crystallized light part of the body is gone. In all other respects including reacting to energy treatments the limb is still present. Suggestion here would be to approach treatment with that in mind. With TR use the points that you would chose if he had the limbs intact and was having pain there.
  • The Vagus Nerve
    The Vagus (Cranial Nerve 10) starts in the lower brain stem (medulla oblongata) and comes through the jugular foramen at the base of the skull. It is the major parasympathetic nerve complex in the autonomic nervous system. There are 2 vagus nerves, right and left. Once through the holes (foramina) at the base of the skull where the occipital and temporal bones come together, the vagus nerves are in the carotid sheath, along with the carotid artery and jugular vein, both on the right and left sides of the neck. The vagus nerves come under the collar bone, and then branch out into nerve fibers going to all the organs under the rib cage, including the heart, lungs, spleen, GI tract, kidneys, etc.
    The vagus innervates the GI tract up to and including half way through the transverse colon. It also has to pass through the diaphragm via the vagal hiatuses, and that can be a blockage location.
    The vagus nerve, I find, is often blocked because of calcium plaque at the foramina at the base of the skull. It also can be blocked because of poor blood flow to the nerve, via the vasa nervorum (vessels to the nerves). It can also be blocked post-ganglion near the organ it is innervating. With Tong Ren, Tom Tam likes to use the kidney meridian as locators for vagus nerve blocks, coming down from K27 to K21, and then in the stomach meridian from ST21-27. The vagus nerve to the heart, for example, would be K24, and to the stomach around ST21 left, and to the liver at ST21 right. per R. Kuethe
  • Is there anything special to do at the end of a treatment?
    At the end of a treatment you want to make sure the chi is flowing. Tap from the top of the head of the doll to the feet - both sides plus front and back. End by grounding the chi at the feet on the points K1 and LV3 both feet
  • Points for diverticulitis.
    Main Points T1, T2, T3, T10 T11, ST25 Support Points ST36, L1, L2, ST12
  • Points for Flu?
    Main Points T1, T2, T3, T7Rt Support Points GB34, SP6, OP (Ashi)
  • Therapy points for benign rolandic seizures (childhood epilepsy)
    Focus on circulation to the brain, ST11, ST12, LI16, LI1617, SCMs, Sky Window and Tiandong, going up through the medulla (GB17/BL6) and through GV20-19, the Sensory, Association and Motor cortexes. GV22, BL6, T1, CV17 & T7, then bring it down to the feet, LV3/K1
  • How Long is a Tong Ren Treatmnet?
    Depends on a number of things. Some of which are...If you are incorporating Tong Ren with another modality or doing a stand alone. It also depends on how ill the person is. Chi will start moving very quickly usually in the first minute. You may notice at about the 10 -15 minute point the energy seems to have changed.
  • Can you tap too much for someone?
    Not really - You are stimulating blockage points. The body will only "take" the stimulation it needs.
  • When they don't specify left or right for the vertebra do we do both left and right or the middle?
    If no side is not specified you can tap on both sides of the spine or the middle. You may want to check with your client by asking which side feels tight or hurts. You would then work more on that side. If a particular side is specified it usually is because there is a anatomical difference or experience has shown best results from using one side over another.
  • What is a Cun?
    The cun is a traditional Chinese unit of length, which translates into English as an "anatomical inch". Cun as a measurement is used to chart acupuncture points on the human body. People's size makes a difference. A large person, will have longer "cun" than a smaller person or child. The ruler length of a cun between different people will vary widely depending on their size. One cun measure is the width of a person's thumb at the knuckle and two forefingers denotes 1.5 cun. Three cun is the width of all fingers side-by-side and is also the distance from the eyebrow to the forehead hairline.
  • What is the effect of skepticism, either from the practitioner or from the client?
    Just being open to the experience is enough. The proof is in the results that you receive. Our patients do not have to believe in the practice or any aspect of energy healing. However, if you actively fight against the idea of being healed with any technique, it is likely that your condition will not improve.
  • My Client Feels Cold when I work on him is this normal?
    You can work on TW16 and TW17 for the hypothalamus which controls body temperature. The Hyothalamus also is thought to control body hunger, thirst, fatigue and anger.
  • My Client Feels pressure in the head. What should I do?
    For this you can try tapping down starting at GV20 going down the head, neck and spine to L3.
  • What is the laser point for diabetes?
  • Teeth grinding?
    C4, T7L and medulla.
  • Can you recommend Chi Gong resources other than Tom's Book?
    Nothing beats a live class. Check for one in your area.
  • Points for Calcium?
    C6/7 is for the thyroid and parathryoid....the parathyroids control the calcium in our bodies...not enough = osteoporosis, too much = bunions and bone spurs.
  • Stomach Problems?
    Vagus Nerve, ST21, ST25 (going down) CV 12, CV13 (Can also tap L8Lt, L9Lt ST12 and ST36, LV3, ST11 and K22)
  • 'Cleaning the Garbarge Out'?
    TW16, TW17 and T1,2,3,6,& 7
  • Points for thyroid issues?
    Huatuo area of C6 (thyroid gland) and C7 (parathyroid gland) SI 16 both sides (or side most sore) open circulation in the neck ("sky window") area GV 22, ST 9, KD 3, PC 7
  • What pts. do we use to increase metabolism and/or balance it?
    TW16 & 17 on the right side. GV22
  • Do you have any advice for me on how to get it started? I use the Lazy Bun’s Healing, internet, your web site, Tom Tam’s… there’s so much material to consult.  I try to learn as much as I can.
    You are OVER thinking this.  Stop - thinking.  There is no Doctor or PHD of Tong Ren Therapy.
    Find some one who is sick.  Start with the illness  (symptoms  - look in the lazy bum book and then tap the points.)   Even if all you do is tap the part of the body that hurts you are doing something.
    Tong Ren Practitioners listen to the client and tap.  We go by what people tell us, what doctors/caregivers, heath care workers have said.   Focus on the points and start tapping .... once you start seeing results you'll have a whole lot more confidence.  Until then.... do the "fake-it-until-you-make-it".


Questions still to process...

  • For stress points-T7 up to C2R-are all these pts right side then?
  • I still do not understand the working on the doll from top to bottom. Do you mean with regards to a clients issues. Ex. Headache first then backache - Not necessarily in order of points.
  • What pts. do we use to heal psychological reversals within a person ie. a person may consciously want to work toward something like weight loss etc., however, some psychological reversal sabotages this conscious desire?
  • What are the points for halitosis?
  • What does a person do for tightness that sometimes results after tong ren therapy? I have noticed this a few times on myself and I have just waited them out, however, I don't know how uncomfortable this can be for someone and what I would need to do to assist in counteracting this for someone else/myself?
  • When using pins, can I be treating two different people for two different conditions on the doll at the same time?
  • When you put pins in the doll is there a set amount of time that you can leave them in for or can you just leave them in if you are still treating the same problem? Is there a limit to the number of pins that can be put in? Is tapping more powerful than the pins?
  • Points to bring body/blood ph to an optimum level (alkaline when the body is acidic)
  • Is it more effective to go faster, or harder? Which is more effective, several taps on one point before moving on to the next, or going from point to point?
  • What can I say to people who tell me i am doing "satan's work"?
  • Do you have to keep saying the client's name in order for it to work, or is once sufficient?
  • What is the effect of skepticism, either from the practitioner or from the client?
  • Is there a rule of thumb as to when you would use laser, hammer or pins? What situations would call for any of the above?
  • How would you get medical diagnoses to see if the Tong Ren is effective?
  • Could you tap for an unborn child, or would this be unneccesary?
  • Is it less effective if the client falls asleep?
  • How important is posture for the flow of Chi?
  • Is there any significance to the order of the main and support points? If so would you have to remove pins in reverse order?
  • Which points are best for twitching of the eye?
  • Does the doll have to be held away and not touching our body for best results?
  • I'm starting to do Tong Ren for a friend who has been diagnosed with both plantar fasciitis and something called Morton's neuroma which are both forms of inflamation in the foot. I belive the plantar is locted at the bottom of the foot and the neuroma is caused by the 2nd and 3rd bones of the toes rubbing together which may cause a tumor (a result of fallen arch I think). Have you perhaps come across a protocol for these conditions which has not yet been published?
  • If you are going to do 2 issues on a client and say the point GV 20 is in both lists, do you hit the points just once and then pass on it for the second, or hit it both times?
  • What would happen if you put needles in all points on doll?
  • How are you supposed to clean the doll without losing all the writing? Any advice on how to reapply writing?
  • During sessions, i frequently get a cool wind like sensation in my body while tapping certain you are supposed to feel nothing if the chi is flowing properly, should i continue tapping until this sensation goes away?
  • When two points are very close, you say to do these at the same time. what exactly does that mean? must you do the points in order, or can you just place the intent to hammer all and hammer away?
  • When they don't specify left or right for the vertebra do we do both left and right or the middle?
  • I was reading on a point that may cause i may be pregnant, does this make a difference to me as the healer?
  • My dad was having someone tap for his rectal cancer. He has since had his rectum, and hopefully all of the cancer removed...should he still be tapping for rectal cancer, or should he be merely tapping for the immune system?
  • How common is it to attempt do 3 or 4 Tong Ren point sets at one treatment time? Is it more effective to do many 'mini treatments' than a couple of long ones? (This question is from the context of home based treatment where the 'patient' has many different physical issues that need attention.)
  • What influence does body position have on the person receiving the Tong Ren treatment have on the patient's ability to feel an energetic response? ( In our home treatments of Mike, he can easily feel responses if in an upright position in a chair or bed but not if lying on his side or on his back with his feet elevated. My muscle testing indicates that the treatment is valuable whether he can read the energy or not, so we now use whatever position is most helpful for other issues. I am curious about how minor changes in position seem to remove the ability to 'read' the energy flow).
  • What other energy modalities work well with Tong Ren? (Tom integrates Tong Ren with other Chinese medicine approaches that some of us have little access to at this time. In our experience, Tong Ren has worked well with Reiki and most recently with Theta Healing--with Glenyce Hughes).
  • How well does Tong Ren address the emotional underpinnings of many disease issues?
  • Can you recommend Chi Gong resources other than Tom's Book?
  • In your experience, can Tong Ren be matched with prudent use of supplements?
  • Does Tong Ren have any view on cleanses?