Tong Ren Healing Principles and Guidelines

We are all healers and our clients come to us because they are suffering. Therefore, out of our continued desire to heal and reduce suffering in the world, and with our deepest respect and appreciation for Tom Tam as well as other practitioners and patients, we offer them healing. And, out of compassion, humility and professionalism, all healers should follow these simple common sense guidelines.

  1. Our #1 Goal: Remove suffering. As Tom Tam puts it, our goal is "To Heal the People."
  2. Our #1 Technique: Remove the blockage . We do not cure disease, we remove a blockage, plain and simple, no argue.
  3. Our #1 Thing to avoid: No Diagnosing . There is no diagnosing or giving different diagnostic significance to points in any way other than what is defined in the Tom Tam Healing System. There is always more to learn, share and explore. Learning never ends, but the core principals should be followed. Doctors do the diagnosing.
  4. Our #1 Disease Confirmation: Use Medical Tests. These are our confirmations and tools for a specific doctor-based diagnosis and specific conditions.
  5. Practitioners: Be Professional, patient, do not display anger, and practice humility. We need to follow maximum patience and tolerance. A lack of patience and tolerance causes more suffering and confusion and alienation. As Tong Ren practitioners, we are also representatives of Tong Ren and it is important to represent Tong Ren professionally and compassionately.
  6. GP Healing Classes: As a Leader or participant in the GP Classes, maintain focus on Tong Ren, not other modalities or distractions, do not allow solicitation, observe maximum respect for the person running the class, do not talk while they are leading except to contribute Tong Ren related support. Do not contradict them in any way in front of the people being healed. This will cause credibility issues. Also, respect individuality. People that run a GP class are allowed to do it any way they want as long as they use the Tong Ren system, methodology and tools. No profanity. Use Clear, and Friendly Language.
  7. Teaching: As a teacher of Tong Ren, follow these simple guidelines and stay within the methodologies of Tong Ren as developed by Tom Tam. We also need to be humble in realizing that we can always learn more but must stay consistent with the Tam Healing System.
  8. Embrace Empathy: We need to have the greatest amount of empathy. We need to understand what the patient may be undergoing when we treat them and be compassionate. We need to understand the suffering that the patient may be feeling as well as the great impact on life that a disease has on people and their loved ones. Our patients are suffering and need compassion and may not have a fully clear mind and may even be in great pain or be on harsh medication.
  9. Tong Ren Community: It is extremely important to spread Tong Ren and share our experiences. Share in the global Tong Ren community and continue to help Tong Ren heal more and more people all over the world. Heal the world, no argue.
  10. Make A Difference: Find Joy in healing others and know that you are making a significant contribution to our world. We all want to be productive healers and compassionate human beings and we are happy to feel joy and love in the fact that we are reducing suffering in the world. This is a great opportunity and gift we have been given.

Created by Tom Tam and Joseph Lucier