Tong Ren Science of Healing, Dr Shaw Sprague

Tong Ren is modern healing science that is helping to change the future of medicine. It has consistently achieved positive results with a variety of serious diseases and conditions such as cancer, Parkinson’s, arthritis, high blood pressure, anxiety and depression, to name but a few. Some of the additional key elements contributing to its success and recognition in advanced health care include the fact that is safe, non-invasive, cost-effective, and uncomplicated. This epistemology works particularly favorably with allopathic and complimentary medicines in relation to recovery and prevention. Essentially, founder Tom Tam discovered a way to authentically bridge and integrate Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western medicine and psychology.

Tong Ren philosophy recognizes that there are many ways to heal the mind and body using energy. Acupuncture, Tai Chi, Reiki, yoga, prayer, and meditation, are some of the more familiar traditions. Over the last twenty-five years Tam has been modernizing TCM components and concepts of internal energy regulation, utilizing Western medicine and technology to improve upon ancient practices. In addition, he has introduced the most effective Chinese energetic principles into Western science. He named the integration of these systems Tong Ren, which means “bronze man” in Chinese, in honor of the ancient use of bronze sculptures in the teaching of Oriental medicine. Tong Ren, like acupuncture without needles, directs Chi (energy) to specific points or meridians that regulate the flow of Chi in the body, particularly in the nervous, vascular, and endocrine systems. By releasing mental and physical stress, blockages of the mind and body are freed, naturally restoring balance and good health.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has a long history of working with “invisible forces” found in nature. In China, all invisible forces are referred to as Chi or Qi (pronounced “Chee”). This energy is not simply bioelectricity, but is made up of many energies, much like white light is made up of many colors as seen in rainbows or made visible by using simple prisms to refract light. Thus the unseen becomes seen. By comparison, Chi also has many facets or forms, be they bioelectrical, biochemical, biomagnetic, atomic, or subatomic. These “invisible” collective forces act on many levels in our minds and bodies and have an immense effect on our health.

While we may not be able to completely detect or understand how these energies work, we are still influenced by them. In our daily life, for example, there are many systems (phones, airlines, medicines, etc.) that we use without fully comprehending, but with a belief in their effectiveness. In the same manner we can use Chi even if we do not understand how it works. However, the power of Chi is not limited by one’s belief; it is beyond the limitations of imagination. This explains why Tong Ren works well with small children or animals, where no belief system has been formulated and no ego is interfering in the healing process.

Theories of energy have been consistently addressed by healers, psychologists and physicists. Many philosophies describe various formulations of energy. Religions believe that all power emanates from a divine source. Taoists conceive that Chi comes from the Tao (“that which cannot be named”). Native Americans believe energy comes from the Great Spirit in the sky. Ancient traditions saw energy coming from the earth or the Great Mother archetype, while scientists, in the Big Bang theory, refer to energy as coming from an explosion that occurred millions of years ago. Mesner, considered the father of modern psychology, worked with biomagnetic fields to heal individuals suffering from serious mental conditions. In a real sense then, science is bringing us back to our roots, to the belief that there are forces we intuit or are aware of even though we may not be able to. No matter what one believes, Western research and technology indicate that there are as yet untapped resources of human potential in our approach to health.

Advanced scientific evidence, using sophisticated technology to measure various energies (bioelectric, radioactive, x-ray, atomic etc. ), is once again showing that physical as well as mental conditions are affected by both the administrator’s attitude as well the subject’s state of mind This means that an administrator’s conscious or unconscious intent will change the outcome. This finding has dire implications, particularly with invasive treatments. Often it is impossible for science to determine whether the treatment or the unspoken communication between a doctor and a patient provided a positive influence. This goes beyond the placebo/nacebo effect and into the area of physical and psychological aspects of unconscious awareness. This area in healing sciences is reemerging into conscious awareness and practice. In other words, healing science should not be viewed as mechanistic; it is an organic, holistic process, and should consider how to achieve the most positive results in a safe and cost-effective manner.

In a real sense, we are experiencing a scientific renaissance. While we may not be stepping back into the same river, there is evidence of an innate wisdom contributing to mental and physical recovery. These experiences have transpersonal elements working at a much deeper level. As the famous Swiss psychologist Carl Jung theorized, they come from a “collective unconscious”. According to his theories, energy is linked to nature and transcends the limitations of logic and consciousness. These patterns of energies, called archetypes, are ancient images formulated prior to one’s personal psychological development. He posits that they are much older and more powerful than the subconscious or conscious aspects of the mind. These invisible forces of the mind are like Chi and go beyond our finite understanding of the universe and matter. In other words, this practice is not limited by one’s cultural bias, social customs, religious beliefs, history, or understanding; instead, it goes beyond man-made constructs of time, space, and distance.

How one becomes aware of the power of transpersonal healing is not overwhelmingly important. Many scientists, inventors, artists, religious leaders, and warriors have had spontaneous visions or insights into the power of the collective unconscious. Many people find out about the power of the collective unconscious when they are faced with a serious condition that is not responding well to conventional treatment. They have run out of options with conventional medicine are willing to explore different modes of healing. Tong Ren provides a safe and non-invasive approach to healing that does not involve chemicals or surgery. It is not a cure, in and of itself, but rather a method to higher awareness and activation of innate healing abilities. In this way, it integrates conventional approaches and ancient systems to treat serious illnesses, often with results that have been called miraculous.

The best way to learn more about Tong Ren is to experience it directly.