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Thank-You to all who have shared their thoughts. - Kathy
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Tong Ren Experiences

Thank you for the session and the recording. I had a good sleep and I woke up this morning without my neck pains that had become regular since October last year, even after 4 chiropractor's sessions. I am still without neck pain when I am writing this message.

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Hi Kathy  - Just wanted to say thank you very much for yesterday's session.  My throat opened up a lot - as copd has been closing it.  I was also struggling to breathe yesterday and today that is much better (you will rememer I am on oxygen - but even then it was a struggle yesterday).  After our session I was extremely tired for the balance of the day and then at the end of the evening, I suddenly felt the tiredness leave - but I was able to sleep well.   FF - Toronto

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I do currently (temporarily) experience a very low heart rate between 39 and 42 beats per minute.- it does not increase when I am physically active.  I am remembering to tap the sides of my head as you had mentioned to me - thanks for this tip!

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Email to Kathy: "I’ve heard you speak each time you’ve come to London for the Dowsers meeting & after the last talk I ordered the Tong Ren kit. I’ve been diligently working on myself since. The most remarkable changes are that the big bump I had in my spine at C-4 is now normal in size & also I went through a week of medication that should have made me severely nauseated (according to the doctor & pharmacist) with very little nausea...."
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"Thank you so much. I am finding this an awesome modality, I have a guinea pig class on Thursday nights from 7:00 - 8:30. It is great fun, and am meeting all kinds of wonderful people."
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"I had a cool experience. I wanted to work on my liver. So I placed needles on the different points. Then I relaxed. I felt like a warm wave on the right side of my abdomen. Then for the next 3-4 days. I would feel that same warm feeling once in a while. That was fun…"
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From a Care Giver: "Thanks for the Tong Ren It's also helping me to boost my low energy from all the stress and hospital vigils."
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Tong Ren Gout Experience: "Just a few days ago, a real bad case of gout quickly developed on my left foot taking out of order my 2 small toes next to the big one. That location was red, swollen, burning, and VERY painful. The pain was of such intensity that I could not even walk...In my previous experiences with gout-cases, while out of commission, I'd call either emergency, or contact my family doctor, or I'd go into alternative medicine literature, or simply I'd contact my friendly Internet...Regardless, it would usually, take 2-3 weeks to get rid of that real "pain-in-the-foot"...Then, as a student of Kathy, I called her to dig me out from this "gout-pain-vally". With the magic of Tong Ren, she "neutrilized" my gout in THREE DAYS !! In the forth day, I was in shoes and doing my normal daily chores, including driving. A small miracle happened here! Thanks to you Kathy and your Tong Ren. Many healings to you and your devoted students, Mike"

The Tong Ren Tele-Class

Dear Kathy,  I have listened to the first 2 classes.  And oh My Goodness the information is heaven sent and in line with what I thought all along. I have the 3 original books but never understood what I was looking at. I just purchased Joe's book to complete the  required books. Because having the points with no knowledge was confusing and frustrating. I felt that the practitioners had to be meditating while they were tapping on their dolls or at least zoning out into deep trance because whenever I went to the Guinea Pig sessions ... there was very little talking during the sessions between the practitioners only <the leader> kept up a dialogue to tell us what was happening but naming the points at the time was confusing.  but now I have a better idea of what to do.  Thank You Thank You Thank you. I have several friends who are in various stages of different types of  Cancer as well as depression and dementia and mental problems so once I have further knowledge I feel I will be very busy helping people. plus with no knowledge of how long to tap on points oror exactly where.  it was wonderful to know at least to get started.
Blessings   PW
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Dear Kathy, I would like to express how impressed I was with the Tong Ren online course.  I have been using it a lot & it amazes me everytime.   JH
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Hello Kathy, ...I take advantage of this message to express all my appreciation for the quality of your on-line course that I will not hesitate to recommend. Warmest wishes EM
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Hi Kathy, I want to thank you for yesterday. I am excited to do more work with Tong Ren.
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Thanks Kathy, I enjoy you during the course. On a personal note, I use tong ren on my husband and daughter and dogs nearly every day. I use it on myself to open up and calm myself. GV 20 is my new best friend! We’ve gotten rid of colds in one day, relieved constipation quickly and easily, helped my daughter sleep and calmed her moodswings (she’s 4), and relieved her growing pains. I use tong ren on every one of my clients to open their energy and relax them – the reiki moves so much faster and easier by using it. Whenever I find a spot that’s blocked I use it and it flows again easily. I’ve even had it teach me things – I was treating a client for eczema and on an unrelated complaint she asked to treat her anxiety. Within moments all the areas on her body that had eczema were red hot. She’d never linked her eczema outbreaks to her anxiety but as it released she saw the connection. Now we’re treating anxiety and her eczema is healing as a result. My aging mother is very arthritic and just last night at supper I asked if I could work on her a bit so she would be able to turn her head easily. We chased the pain for awhile and when it was all done she could move easily and she even tried to open a jar. What a blessing! Have a great day, Kathy. I am heartfelt greatful for your teaching. Until tomorrow…
On a side note - I am so pleased I am taking this training. It really really works. I know you know that, but I still am amazed how wonderful the results are. Thanks for offering this training.
Thanks and I look forward to the call on Tues, wow amazing that the 30th will be the 5th one already!
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Just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying the class and how excited I am to continue with this. I like the fact that I am slowly learning about the body systems as I research the points I'm working. This is a goal I set for myself but have found it overwhelming to start!
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Very much looking forward to Tuesday's class--I'm hooked!!!
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Success Story! I emailed asking for a sequence for spina bifida quite awhile ago. I used your recommendations, but as usual, ended up working intuitively with this man. We had some success and the relief of pain for a few days at a time but nothing that would allow him ease of movement. When you taught about the bone shu I knew immediately it would work. I called him when we were done and told him about it and he happened to be in a lot of pain and gave me permission to do a treatment. Since it was late I pinned his lumbar region and set the laser on the bone shu. The next morning he woke up with full range of motion and no pain. He now calls every 7 or 8 days with mild discomfort and I do the same thing. It has changed his life.
We have kept a running record of sorts in a steno notebook: treatment timing, routines used, other notes about this physical condition and other things that were happening. This course has been quite useful and I have changed technique along the way.
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The 4th Tong Ren class was wonderful. Kathy, I could hear you loud and clear. Thanks so much.
I do feel much more confident now about it, I follow your given paths from the classes, I've used the pins and I massage the doll too Just wanted to let you know that even though I've been silent there some progress
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I have been doing some TongRen for one of my drivers who has terrible pain running from his elbow down to his hand. He has noticed a significant decrease in pain since Saturday night. I worked on him Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening.
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I have just got off the phone after speaking with a friend who has taken your Tong Ren correspondence course. She was intrigued with it, and has got me feeling the same way about her learning.
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I enjoyed the course. It has opened another door for me. Your phrase of just do it rings strongly. I would like to be a part of the Guinea Pig class on Wednesday nights. I felt a connection, when being a part of a common purpose. Being a part of the Guinea Pig class is helping my condition. When working with the class I feel the energy flowing.
If I seem a little paranoid, it is because I think Tong Ren is the BEST and I don't want to miss out.  I have studied many protocols over the past several years and I have not felt about them like I feel about Tong Ren--greatly because of the session I had with you. But also this: One issue I have been working on is asthma and allergies. Last night I decided to stick pins in all the asthma points. I didn't use my inhaler which I do, unfortunately, twice a day, religiously. I slept through the night like a babe. I have been up several hours and am breathing with ease. Dennis, I have spent myself almost into poverty trying to find relief from allergies and asthma and ADHD One session with Tong Ren and I am breathing with happy lungs. It is a miracle. I also have cancer about which I have been in denial, but now I know there is something I can do besides being cut, burned and poisoned. Can you imagine how excited and positive I feel. And how grateful I am regarding the session I had with you.
I really enjoyed the Tong Ren course. I have used it with other modalities when a client wants Reiki or Q.T.added. They say they can feel more energy. It is a great addition .
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Good afternoon, Kathy I am so excited about Tong Ren and the powerful results! I really enjoyed the class last night and now today have used Tong Ren with three of my clients. Each person was really open to trying something new and they each experienced change of pain, stiffness etc, as well, they all felt energy movement during their session. Wow!!! What an incredible modality. Thanks so much to both of you for sharing this class through the teleclasses.
Thanks for a great class and I'd like to be linked to the Wed. session
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I enjoyed the class and will begin a Guinea Pig Class in Portland, Oregon beginning in June. I have been using Tong Ren with almost all of my patients with incredible results. I am excited to be part of this new paradigm in healing. blessings!
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Thanks for a great introduction to a fascinating healing connection.
Thanks to both of you, your tele-class was the beginning of our journey.
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I have to tell you this! I had a chance to work on a whole team of Chuck Wagon horses at the Stampede. I had met (name) in Edmonton. She asked if I would be interested in helping her run energy on the horses. We got a lot of great horse kisses, nips , bra strap shaking, poop stepping and horse LOVE. One of my students learnt a most valuable lesson. You do NOT work on a horse with your eyes closed. He woke her up with a tail across the face. I ran Tong Ren on Buddy . He was hurt in an accident. (name) was watching him as I was at home when I did it. She said he sure jumped and looked around when I put the pin in the GV20. He backed up right into her so she could put her hands on his sore hips Thanks again for thinking of me
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I have had some really neat successes with the Tong Ren! My dad was hurting with low back/hip pain so bad that he could barely walk and after two sessions in one day he was able to walk about a quarter of a mile. And every client I have done it on has felt it while I tapped! So cool! Keep up the good work! I did have a couple of other questions, but I have a cold right now and I do not remember them!! Ha Ha....

Wacky Wednesdays!

Dear Kathy
I have meant to write and thank you for your generous weekly Tong Ren healing sessions. I greatly appreciate you...more than I can express.
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Our Old Guinea Pig Weekly Conference Call

A thanks to all for participating with us in this call over the last 1.5 years. You have all been amazing! It has been a pleasure connecting with all of you worldwide. Now that Tom's Online calls now up and running we believe the need for our call has greatly decreased. After much consideration  We have decided that our creative and any other type of efforts around Tong Ren can be best utilized in new directions. We are continuing with the Tele-Classes, Seminars, Introduction to Tong Ren Sessions and our private treatments. We are also in the process of putting together material on how to open a Tong Ren Practice. Thank you to all - Much Love Kathy

Last night was my 1st time calling in on the Wed. Night Guinea Pig "PHONE IN" Conference Call. I had no expectations. Some feedback: I fell asleep in my meditation program but intended to watch national news coverage at 6:30 pm. I woke up at 8:55 pm! I was rushed in pulling it together to call. The tapping I heard took me by surprised. I have a tremor from a stroke & at 1st I thought my tremor activity would "synch" with the tapping. Instead it went from "active" to "subdued", & at times it was still. I was surprised & excited with the qualities of balance & wholeness in being which I experienced. ~I thought that those leading the session must love their experience- that they must love the deepness of the session. Thank you for giving this experience to others. I look forward to next Wed.'s call.
Kathy, I can't thank you enough for your compassionate work on behalf of all of us. I have participated in probably 4 or 5 sessions and the Chi flows fast during every session. I am so grateful to you both.
thank you very much for doing tong ren on me. although i had to get off the phone because my granddaughter got very sick again tonight ... as i was getting ready for bed, i noticed that the pain in my lower back - as well as in my hip - had greatly lessened. i bet it will be much better tomorrow! thank you so much ... i am very grateful
Hi Kathy, Thank you for the appointments. I’m resending the priority issues below. I appreciate what you and Dennis do for us. Love and light,
Hello Kathy, Thank you. I appreciate your work.
hi kathy, please sign me up for next session. my physio was so impessed by the positive changes that had occurred this week! i exprained that it was due tong ren!
While she is healing very slowly, with no eurekas, nevertheless, she is improving. We both really enjoy the quality of community that we feel when we are on these calls. The gathering of this group is a very beautiful experience.
Thanks! I really do experience and love the vibrations and healing intentions.
Thank you so very much...
thank you thank you! i have to let you know that i am now feeling the effects of energy during the session! it was quite intense during the second half !
We are having some amazing results with Tong Ren and we have many people joining us from around the world on our free Wednesday night healing calls.
thank you so much for your healing work this week. What a difference! please put me on your upcoming 5/14 session. Guess I just can't get enough.
I have some exciting news to share with you.  I had an ultrasound on my liver this Friday just gone and it was fine. I had fatty liver show up on an ultrasound years ago so I soaked up the Tong Ren when you did that for someone else, as well as the Hep C. I saw my doctor today and she was very surprised with my good report. Don't you love it? I did have a gall stone show up that was there 17 years ago and it's not bothering me at all so she didn't say anything about surgery and the like.
(from abroad) About yesterday's guinea pig class - it was pretty magical, we were sitting in the kitchen in the dead of night (4am) listening to the session with the little clik-cliks in the background, it was like out of a matrix movie, sounded as if you were speaking from some satellite in space or a ship out at sea (name) felt a heat wave, she said, and I think somrthing shifted in her coughing and in the pain in her right upper back - they both seem mellower.
Thank you for the most wonderful compassionate support with Tongren! I cannot believe this but I don't have any urgings for chocolate (which is kind of sad knowing how much I enjoy it). I was not even focussing on that during your sessions for eating disorders (which I do not have but am just staying online for).
Tonight's session was tremendous and last week was also. I am going to study this work. thank you so.
Great improvement in tremor control. Wow! Many thanks
I want to thank the both of you for your Wed. nite class !!! My very ill mother has been listening in for 3 weeks. She says she doesn't FEEL anything but always looks forward to a good bowel movement the next morning after the class. lol She has been taking insulin for 20 years and is legally blind. Mom has very poor circulation and has almost lots her toes. She says her sugar has improved because she is watching what she eats. I believe and explained to her, she is making better choices because of the tapping on Wed. She agrees. God bless you both.
That was an interesting experience. My feet still feel warm but are sometimes cool to touch???? They have been frozen a few times and expect this contributes to the problem. Knee has improved but still a way to go.
Hi, Kathy! Hope that you are having a good week. Am looking forward to joining your upcoming Wednesday teleclass. If there is still room, would love to receive Tong Ren for my dry, sensitive skin again. It's gotten better but still can use more healing. Also can use more chi in general. Thank you!
A friend just shared this healing technique with me. Do you have a session that addresses high blood pressure? thank you.....
I forgot to tell you that (name) has been sleeping longer and deeper since the last healing session. She loves this work!
Hi Kathy : I wanted to give you an update of my progress to date. I am truly impressed with the improvement in my panic (manifests itself while I am driving) I made several trips downtown and I did well.
Hello my friends, Well, you have done it again! The healing started about 4 hours before the actually time...I got so tired I had to lay down for 20 minutes. Then I got up and called the number, the flow was wonderful, I felt it in my heart chakra first then it spread to my throat and up to my head. As time passed my feet got very warm and my lower back felt warm but also very supple and strong. The feeling remains to this very minute...usually lasts for days(5-6). I thank you for all the great healing and positive vibes.
I also want to tell you that I have been feeling much better this week. I have been feeling fatigued and now I have so much energy this week that I am quite surprised. I will stat monitoring my sugars and see if that is improving after this week. I will keep you updated Thanks
I was surprised when the sinus healing was in progress I felt very strong energy movement going up the top (back of the hand side--yang) of my right arm. The visual for this energy was similar to thick bolts of lightning moving from my wrist up to my shoulder area. There were maybe three or four (not quite sure). Then the right sinus seemed to open up and there was very strong and unusual energy flowing in my entire head and skull. I could feel the energy moving, but cannot describe the direction of the movement. It was as though the energy was moving both in and out and around my head. once again, thank you!
p.s. I was so exausted after the call, and slept solidly, in the morning, geez was it ever hard to get out of bed, there seemed a weight....I loved it! I imagine something shifted as I felt pretty terrific after that first day.
I immediately felt the most intense warmth in my body which very quickly spread to my head (brain?). My body felt so relaxed which was heavenly because of my hyperactivity and "restless leg syndrome." After a half hour I drank some water, laid down and was out like a light until a little after four o"clock. What a trip! When I awakened everything seemed so clear and sharp. Amazing!
Wow, I cannot believe this -- I was in a theatre tonight and all of a sudden I felt the qi energy sensations. I did not have a watch so I said to my friend "what time is it?" and she said 9:00 p.m. So I just sat back and let the magic work! I was humbled again at how connected I am with this.
Thank you, for another healing session. I'm even more sensitive and aware of chi movement and the bliss which follows now. Perhaps it's a combination of many sessions as well as your students tapping along with you. Tonight I experienced physical movement the first 2 minutes, followed by bliss. What differed this time is that after 3 minutes, I expelled chi or breath through my mouth...more evidence of chi movement.
I listened in on the diabetes session. There was definitely more heat in my lower dantian by the second part of this healing. This is all very intriguing, and I'm so grateful for your loving service.
You are very helpful, that is why I love the Tong Ren community so much. Everyone is pleasant and eager to help. Her name is (name). She had type II in addition to high blood pressure, cholesterol, other than that she is a resilient woman. I take her to Tong Ren and I do Tong Ren on her a few times per week over the phone.
I also wanted to know if you can place me on your healing list for indigestion/bloating/gas and colon. After the first treatment on my colon I felt warm, dizzy, and relaxed. The next day things moved and just about had to stay home. I have noticed I am not bleeding as much since the treatment as well as being a part of the classes. I have been very gassy and feel that my digestion needs some clearing. Last night I did the stomach points and today I am down to a quarter less gas. I thank my angels for directing me to all of you, Thank-you Have a great day.
I like Tong Ren because you can start it right away. It's not rocket science but you do have to have an open mind for sure.
Hi,  I am making progress but still am in need of more of your wonderful Tong Ren.
I joined in the call last night at 9:15 EDT I needed some of the things being worked on and when I went to bed I could feel the energy. I have never felt energy like this from any other modality. Regarding the weight loss, I went to bed feeling a tiny bit hungry but didn't eat. Ordinarily the hunger (however slight) would keep me awake but it didn't this time. So when I jumped on the scale this morning I was surprised and overjoyed with 2 lbs lost. Amazing, truly amazing.
I felt the rush of energy 2 hours prior to the healing, it grew as I called and has been with me ever since.
I have noticed from the weight metabolism session that I have less appetite and really do not find rich or sweet foods appealing. I have not yet lost weight, but do in general feel better. One very important improvement over the last few weeks...I have a definite clarity of thinking that is new. Since my head injury, I have often suffered with confusion and overwhelm. This is most wonderful and appreciated.
(name) seems very happy after each healing session. He still has pain, but with a greater sense of joy. Usually he jumps up at plays his guitar or cooks dinner, but this last time he slept deeply.
(name) felt the energy even before she called in. She really enjoyed the whole experience...the people, the energy, the healing. She found her thinking to be more clear after the session.
We look foreward to tonight's healing circle. Before time passes.... (name) wants you to know that her back pain disappeared two days ago. She is very uplifted by this. Still on the intervenous antibiotics which are very strong. Thanks for doing this healing,
Thank you for the last session. I always feel blissful after the chi moves. And, I literally respond to each and every treatment that you do for others, too. Thank goodness I'm on mute as sometimes I vocalize a little in response.
Thank you for my session on 3/5. I did feel tingling in my legs, but didn't want to interrupt to tell you.
I felt from my healing a feeling of deeper awareness. A change in the atmosphere around me. I still carry this with me. I have been cloudy in my rational thinking, but am able to function on another level. Seems to be working. The pain in my sholders and general arthritis seems to be diminishing. I did feel an unusual movement on my entire left side torso during the heart blood pressure treatment.
My husband suffers greatly from arthritis and lower back pain which causes numbness and weakness in his legs. Last week he felt a flush in his face and some temporary general relief.
The call last evening was exceptional - as usual. I love the silence. and lack of chitchat. You know how to handle this issue well.
Am making progress but still can use your assistance. Thank you!
I did notice a great difference last Wednesday listening for the entire hour plus weight loss healing. I usually have pain throughout my body, The next morning I woke with only about 15% of the pain, 85% had gone.
dear kathy and dennis more confidence walking independently. bld pressure as well. balance, standing long er period.
Shifts have begun to take place, and have lost 10 lbs since beginning with you...Weight balancing run last week felt so clear.
Thank you Kathy - It did help a bit last week so I believe it will be a good thing to do another session.
Thanks for the healing last Wed. my hot flashes and eye problem seem to be a bit better.
Just to let you know, my hip is feeling less pain and my hands don't have the bleeding cracks and splits in it anymore.
I definatelly felt something in the heart area during the session, but cannot as yet narrow it down. After the session is over I feel more "together", so many thanks to you and Dennis for your good work.
Thanks very much ! Just what my and my chi needed ! I appreciate you.
I am so grateful for the CHI and positive energy, it is pretty miraculous what you do/did. Thank you thank you thank you. This is truly reconfirmation that my body wants to heal itself!
Thank you Thank you Thank you!! I have had such a shift in my body it is amazing! It is the first morning that I am not gimping and stuck in my walk! This is a miracle truly. I look forward to another session and then a private healing with the two of you.
My good friend just spoke about the amazing experience he had with you. He forwarded the site and I am really interested.
First, not only did I feel the usual (for me) chi shaking my shoulders or moving my body before the serenity period of each treatment offered. During the last two treatments that you did for others at the end of the evening, I felt chi movement and sensations and then bursted out into what I call laughing chi kung. I was laughing, laughing, laughing...all very pleasant! This continued through both treatments that you were offering. Had tears rolling down my eyes! Have you ever seen this kind of response? Perhaps listening in the whole hour and receiving the vibrations had a cumulative effect...or the particular points which you were working on brought this on. Thank goodness I was on mute! It was a wonderful experience. Perhaps I became more balanced and shifted into happiness.
At the beginning of my treatment, my shoulders shook up and down a few times, followed by a long pause. This pattern repeated several times. A little later there was a sudden movement in the lower half of my spine or a shake or jolt. During all of this and especially in the second half of my treatment, I sank deeper and deeper into a peaceful, altered state. My breathing, mind and body are still very relaxed as I write to you now. Will stop now to enjoy the process.
Thank you again for your service of love. I really, really appreciate what you do...and for teaching us about this beautiful reality and potential for healing. As I told you, I felt such a love connection coming through my crown once I was on the line. My message center or heart chakra was wide open and also feeling the love and peace
Hi ya Kathy, Thanks a lot! By the way, after last week's session the swelling/inflammation he had went down considerably!! Awesome.
hi kathy thank you so much. on friday i walked down stairs by myself. first time in about 2 months! the vision and balance healing must be working. i just found out that my right shoulder is subluxing when i use it!
By the way --- the Tong Ren put me right off my feet for a few days ---very powerful, and it must have been very good healing, though I am not yet aware of what exactly was healed. At least this time it was familiar to me and so easier to deal with.
Thank you so much for including me last night. I didn't feel anything during the call but right after I hung up at 10pm my entire left side relaxed. Actually it was more than that - I could hardly open my left eye :--) I also felt like I was pleasantly stoned! Can I please be included in next week's session?
That call last evening just drew me so quickly into the warmth and buzzing of my chi..each time I experience the two of you working, I can feel little You are both very powerful healers. I highly laud your set up in the conference call world!
I want you to know I did receive significant healing from the phone - in class this week, especially for my lymphatic system. Thank you so much!