Tam Healing System - Illustrated Anatomy - Healing Philosophy


Tam Healing System - Illustrated Anatomy - Healing Philosophy by Joseph Lucier  3rd Edition  A needed addition to those who are seeking to understand and work with the Tong Ren Healing System. With a focus on helping one to understand the Tom Tam Healing System theory and practice the book works through various methods of explaining the process. This is done with Tong Ren Points given in the form of (1) Charts (2) Systems (3) Diagrams Joe offers written Explains of the Body Systems and why something can go out of balance. Which gives you the tools to work with to bring a person back to health & balance. Kuddo's !!! - Great professional illustrations for point location - Useful for students on their learning curve - Helpful for practitioners of Tuina, Tong Ren as well as acupuncture -Lots of information giving the scientific background and significance of the healing system, specific points and healing philosophy - New Tong Ren Therapy Information about Body Flows and Conditions - Facts and history about the evolution of the Tam Healing System (201 pages)