Clipwell Magnetic Dish - Blue or White


Clipwell Magnetic Dish - Red Clipwell holds your Tong Ren Pins, aligning them for your easy and immediate access. A powerful magnetic field sweeps up metal objects of all kinds from a distance and puts them in an organized pile. It is easy to grab a pin to use or throw one back on the Clipwell surface when you’re finish. A pleasing contemporary design with a bowl surface to gather and hold objects and a comfortable round shape to hold in your hand. Comes with 40 color ball pins [4mm plastic heads -1 1/2 inches long] Dish Measures 1 3/16" tall, 3 1/4" diameter. Comes in White, or Blue Color.  Red is out of stock. Tong Ren Application: [Using the Pins] One method of Tong Ren healing involves putting pins onto the doll as a method of stimulating areas of chi blockage. This is a good method for self work and for practitioners who want to work with other healing methods or a quick set up. In the early days of Tong Ren healing, this was the first method used. Please check regulations in your own area.