Building A Tong Ren Practice - Zoom


Now that you know the protocols of Tong Ren Therapy.  Have seen positive results.

Do you want to expand your practice?  Do you want to make more of a difference?  Do you want to bring $ energy into your life at the same time?  Are you puzzled and confused about how to go about it.  This is a chance to kick it up and come up with a plan that works for you.

Time Dates:  This group is remaining open for those who wish support and information on how to start their Tong Ren Practices, blend Tong Ren Therapy into what they are doing currently; and/or wish make a difference doing Tong Ren Sessions for self or others. 

The calls have been recorded.  Questions can be submitted post event. Handouts can be downloaded.  Also Emails with information will be sent. 

This is an information session..  While the whole idea is overwhelming, this will be broken down into a plan that you can work with.  This will also help you decide what is best for you.