Tong Ren Therapy Group Business Coaching

Focusing on Your Tong Ren Therapy Practice

Do you want more with your Tong Ren Practice?  Do you want to make a difference in others lives as well as your own? Are you wondering how to find clients?  Are you making enough money?  Do you feel drained?   Do you feel stuck and not sure what to do? 

Are you willing to spend money on yourself, your practice in order to get what you want.   Do you want to increase  the effeciency, results, revenues and satisfaction of Your Tong Ren Practice?   If you are serious about amping up your Tong Ren Practice this will bring to you high powered information and strategies that will take you to new levels.   You will be amazed at the amount of value that this Tong Ren Therapy Business Coaching/Consulting Course will bring to you and your practice. 

This Group Series is a cost-effective way to bridge gaps you are facing in your Tong Ren Practice.  This is a way you can bring a fresh, objective, and professional perspective to your practice.  Once you committ you will be booked for a one on one session.   Group meetings will start around the beginning of Dec and continue until end January.  This way you have time to role your practice into 2016 with high energy and a solid plan.

Value - Priceless. This is a really good deal.   Investment 300.00 US   REGISTER NOW


  • One on One Individual Introduction Consultation with Kathy Wilson (1-2 hours)
  • Determination of Your strenghts and weakness (SWOT Analysis)
  • Access to all notes and recordings from the A-Z Business of Tong Ren Therapy Course
  • Access to Support Links
  • Development of a feasible working plan for you and your Tong Ren Practice.
  • Group discussion on concerns that you and others in group are having
  • Chance to connect with other Practitioners and benifit from their experience and expertise
  • Support for a Strong Business Strategy and an Active Working Plans for your Tong Ren Practice
  • Complete Tong Ren Treatment protocol for one of your clients of choice
  • Plus Copies of Tong Ren Treatment protocols for other participants clients


  • Web/Phone/Skype Access - Global Access
  • Maximum  9 participants per group
  • 1 on 1 personal 2 hour consultation (Additional Consulting time can be purchased)
  • 6 Group discussion on concerns and best business practices (all recorded for future listening)
  • Templates for Your Business Plan and Client Forms
  • Proactive solutions to issues of concern
  • Active solutions which you can implement right away
  • Complete Treatment protocols for clients of interest to participants
  • This is 2 month program giving you templates for action (You can work along at your own pace)
  • Additional Consulting Available

Tong Ren Practitioner Support.
Support your Tong Ren Practice and open up to opportunites and exciting possibilites for your practice.  

This is designed for those who are Interested in taking Tong Ren Therapy to a new level in their lives and healing practices. Whether you are:

  • in school
  • in retirement
  • looking for part time income
  • thinking about starting a business full or part time
  • in the process of setting up a business or practice
  • already operating their practices
  • advising or working with an alternative therapy business

This working group is focused on Tong Ren Therapy and it’s applications to

  • starting and/or improving  your Tong Ren practice
  • give participants inspiration and support  
  • generate a strategic plan for your practice
  • offer industry knowledge, reference materials and where to find further research information

Our Focus will be on Key Factors for running a profitable Tong Ren Practice which include finding a nich that fulfills clients needs while providing quality therapy, controlling the growth of your practice and maintaining high customer satisfaction.  We illustrate solid business principles, open up the possibilities of choice in the current alternative therapy market place - at the same time showing participants how to blend their “Tong Ren Therapy offerings” with solid working business practices.

Investment 300.00 US  REGISTER NOW