Tong Ren Healing method by Tom Tam

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Hi All,
I found out about the Tong Ren Healing method while looking for information about German New Medicine on the website of Dr. David Holt, a GNM practitioner in Reno [1].  I have been familiar with the GNM work of Dr. Holt from a number of years back, and he apparently has expanded his practice to include Tong Ren Healing.  In [2] Dr. Holt describes the Tong Ren Healing System, developed by Tom Tam [3], a Chinese acupuncturist in Boston.
The following is excerpted from the full article in [2]:
“The theoretical foundation for the cause of disease in the Tong Ren approach is that all disease is present simply due to the existence of blockages (resistors) within the network of channels or reservoirs for bioelectricity flow within the body. Channels translate to acupuncture meridians and reservoirs to energy centers or “banks of chi” such as the Dan Tien below the navel. Whether it is a bladder infection, lung cancer, depression or psoriasis, each disease process typically can be matched with a similar pattern of blockages within the body. If these blockages can be opened, the body finds itself in an optimal state for breaking free from the disease adaptation. I had heard this countless times before, but it took on an entirely new level of meaning as I witnessed folks clearing their illnesses with this rather simplified approach.”
Dr. Holt reports in [2] that the following illnesses were rapidly treated by the Tong Ren method: a child with scoliosis; a stage IV cancer patient (inoperable liposarcoma) with severe water accumulation; cataracts; Type II diabetes; macular degeneration stabilizing and reversing to a degree.
In the short video embedded in [2], Tom Tam demonstrates the Tong Ren method by striking acupuncture points on an acupuncture doll with a hammer. These items are sold in [4].
Videos on Tong Ren Healing are also given in [5]. The method of using the doll and hammer is demonstrated in [5c], where it is applied to chakra points. Tom Tam has a number of books, one of which is available from [4] and others are carried by See [6] for testimonials on Tong Ren Healing for adrenal cancer, breast cancer, chronic neck & back pain.
I thought this information on Tong Ren Healing might be of interest to you.  For further information, use the contact links in [1] & [3].

• A companion method to the Tong Ren Healing method is the “LuLu” method [7], developed by the legendary Hanna Kroeger. This method uses an anatomical chart and dowsing to find locations of imbalances. The imbalances are then removed by using a hammer to tap on a pencil placed at these locations. From [7]:
“When using this chart as an energy tool, a person is working with ‘intent’ on the 'energy fields' to align and balance ‘energy blocks’”
• If you are interested in GNM you might want to examine Dr. Holt’s work in [1].
Cheers, Larry
[5] Some Youtube videos on the Tong Ren method [there are many others]:
(a) TONG REN THERAPY ON FOX NEWS (this video is the same as the one embedded in [2])