Tong Ren Wave Healing

Principles of Tong Ren Wave

Tong Ren Wave is a healing modality that works based on a few different scientific principles. By using a Tong Ren Wave Healing device, we apply the technique with the goal of eliminating blockages to increase circulation, which in turn treats whatever problem that may be present.

Blockages – a blockage as defined in our studies can be any type of circulatory problem that inhibits the necessary circulation needed by the body to function properly. Blockages can exist in local areas of the body where it is affected, this is commonly referred to as the ouch point. Any area that may have pain and causes an “ouch”, hence the name ouch point. Blockages can also exist distally especially in cases related to the arms or legs. Blockages can be superficially felt (muscles that pinch nerves that inhibit circulation) or it can be much deeper (arteries, veins, etc).

Sound – sound is an important aspect of Tong Ren Wave Healing. When sound is projected from the Tong Ren Wave probes, a physical vibration is generated. This vibration can be felt physically and is used to stimulate areas superficially.

Ultrasound – ultrasound is sound that can not be heard and can not be felt. Ultrasound is commonly used in medical devices for imaging due to the ability of ultrasound to penetrate deep into the body. Tong Ren Wave applies this principle to healing by directing the ultrasound vibration to treat ouch points and distal points.

Brainwave Entrainment – the concept of brainwave entrainment is synchronizing of brainwaves. This aspect of the Tong Ren Wave Healing devices is a proprietary method that aims to entrain a person’s brainwaves to bring their mind and body into the healing state.