Tong Ren Runs

Tong Ren Runs
Thanks to Janet and Rick:
These are standard 'runs' with the points listed below. You can do these at your own speed, try to feel the best pace and points to hold for treatment, and look for specific ouch points for each patient.

Stress run. This is for the caregivers and practitioners, too. T7 Up to C2R, GB13R, 3rd Eye, GB17; tap out SCMs and Sky Window along the side of the neck and tiandong at the collarbone hollow, being sure to tap Yi Ming (bet GB20 & TW17) & LI18; SI16 / T5L (emotional heart), CV17, P6 & P8 (at wrist and palm), H7, LV3, K1; Sensory, Association, Motor Cortexes: GV19, 20, 21--with GB17 both sides

Chemo Side Effects GV20, GB17, TW16 & 17, ST12, ST36 / CV13, CV6, BL9 < GV17 > BL9, Ouch Point

Radiation Side Effects CV6, BL9 < GV17 > BL9, ST36 / Ouch Point, CV17; BL6 < GV22 > BL6; for lower area T7 to Ouch Point; BL54 down to LV3

Surgery Side Effects CV6, ST36, SP6; for pain, T7R to Ouch Points

Calcium Balancing "To 'clean out' calcium occlusions, bone spurs, calcified muscles, plaque in arteries/veins, bunions, etc., requires balancing hormones in the body....[F]irst, we need to open up the master hormone glands, the hypothalamus and pituitary signals, since they are controlling all hormone activity. TW16, 17, GV22, BL6. Next, balance the 3 calcium hormones: C6, Calcitonin, from the thyroid; C7, PTH (parathyroid hormone) from the parathyroids; T12, Calcitriol (vitamin D) from the kidneys. To activate the hormone signal requires an electrical signal to jump start the hormone activity. So, for example, if there is a calcium occlusion in the femoral vein in the leg, you want to add the innervation from the sciatic nerves (L4 to S3). Same would be true for a bunion on the toe, since the sciatic nerves control all electrical signals from the legs down to the toes. Just add in the appropriate nerve signal for the area you are balancing the calcium.

Immune System Boost C1,2,3; T1,2,3--go wide on T3 to lymph nodes under both arms; vagus to kidney meridian on the front to complement the thoracic run: K27 down through K23; ST21R/T7, 8, 9R; BL54 & SP6, both legs.

Lymph System/Endocrine Boost GV22/BL6; TW16/17; T3, go wide under arms to GB22; turn doll upside down and go from GB34 at knees up through SP meridian on each inner thigh to groin; tap out inguinal nodes both sides, then up the nodes on the CV meridian to GB22 again; turn doll upright and wash down from TW16/17, T3, CV17-CV1; BL54 both sides, SP6 at ankles.

Insomnia T7L up, C2R, GB13R, BL9; T5L, LI18, Yintang, LV3