Tong Ren Electrical Therapy

Tong Ren Electrical Therapy
by Tom Tam
Electrical stimulation is a Western technology commonly used in physical therapy. The TENS machine uses low voltage electricity to stimulate muscles and tendons. Some small TENS are used to stop the pain from muscular injury. This tiny machine can be carried on the body. The difference between the physical therapist’s and the acupuncturist’s approach is the connection. The physical therapist uses rubber electrodes, some use the self adhesive TENS electrodes and others use the rubber electrodes with conductive gel. Both of these electrodes conduct with the skin. When the low voltage of electricity is passing through the skin from the rubber electrodes, the muscle will jump with the current of frequency from the TENS. This is electrical stimulation to the muscle. Later, the rubber electrodes add a magnet becoming rubber magnetic electrodes. This method uses electricity and the magnetic field together.

In acupuncture, using the lead wire from the TENS connects with the acupuncture needles immediately. This technique uses needle stimulation and electrical stimulation at the same time. It is much stronger then using the rubber electrodes and has more of a healing effect.
Most patients believe in the TENS from physical therapy but not acupuncture, even though they use the same machine. That is from their educational background not their common sense.
In modern acupuncture many acupuncturists like to use this method. Especially for treatment of muscle tightness and tendon problems, this technique can release tension.
In the last twenty years, many energy healing machines have emerged on the market. However, most of them are “TENS” machines. Each healing machine has a miracle healing result with its miracle advertising. Yet how many of them last long on the market? The difference between each machine is the volume and frequency of magnetic electricity. The miracle is not from the frequency and volume, it is where the stimulation point is.

In my healing system, I never use this machine with acupuncture, because this modern technique cannot compare with Tui Na. Yet, lately I use this machine with Tong Ren Healing and have witnessed miraculous results. When I use this machine for relaxation, I set the electrical signal to a low frequency below 4 Hz. To open the blockage, I set the frequency above 10 Hz. The low frequency is useful in order to build up the Chi and relaxation, and the high frequency is best used to open the blockage letting the Chi run freely. Also this electrical healing through Tong Ren can be used in combination with the technique of pointing the laser beam on the doll.
For an individual Tong Ren Healing treatment, set the electrical stimulation for about 10 – 15 minutes. If the treatment is for relaxation it can run longer. With no danger or side effects, some people like to receive an hour or longer treatment. Tong Ren Electrical Healing requires patients to be in a relaxed condition to receive the signal for healing just as for other Tong Ren Healing methods. It is important not to use a high frequency when initially turning on the machine, as some patients may feel uncomfortable or over-stimulated. If using the Electrical TENS for Tong Ren Healing, and high frequency stimulation is needed, begin treatment by using the low frequency range, then slowly increasing to the desired brainwave frequency. After the first Tong Ren Electrical treatment, most of the patients can do the self-treatment as the using of music for brainwave entrainment.
In the human being’s brain, there are normally 4 different waves; Beta waves, Alpha waves, Theta waves, and Delta waves. Beta waves have a frequency range from 12Hz – 38Hz. This brainwave can improve intelligence, mood, focus, and emotional stability. It can also speed up metabolism and more. Beta waves cause us to be wide awake and alert to our surroundings and is very good for treating Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.)

The Alpha wave frequency range is from 8Hz to 12Hz. These cause relaxation condition while awake. If we want to calm down, relax and feel good, we should keep our brainwaves in the Alpha wave range. When we close our eyes to relax and breathe deeply, the brainwaves will go into the Alpha stage.

The Theta wave is the frequency from 3Hz to 8Hz. It is a very deep relaxation condition or light sleep. When people go into the hypnosis state, the brainwaves will be in the Theta range. When healing insomnia or any other relaxation disorder, we can put the machine in the Theta wave range.

The Delta wave is a healing brainwave. Its range is from 0.2Hz to 3Hz. This is the deep dreamless sleep condition. It is the body healing itself. Delta waves are usually the unconscious stage. Delta waves can be dominant when the body is in the process of self healing around illness or after physical trauma. Healing in this range includes easing chronic pain, reducing migraines, fibromyalgia and high blood pressure.

The highest brainwave is the Gamma wave. Its range is from around 36Hz to 44Hz. Gamma is not often referred to. Gamma is believed to be associated with overall mental cognition and heightened consciousness. It is the organizer of brain. With the Tong Ren therapy, we use the Gamma frequency to open blockages anywhere in the body, but we never use these high frequency waves to stimulate the head and brain area.

When we use the electric impulse machine for Tong Ren Healing, we only pay attention to the ranges of frequency, not the volume. The function of this machine is to guide our frequency for healing.
Using the electric impulse machine on Tong Ren is simple, just hook up the electricity output cable to the doll with needles. When one who practice the electric impulse machine with the doll, must pay attention to the law in the local area. Some States in America require an acupuncture license to legally own acupuncture needles. If this is the case in that area and if who is not a license acupuncturist, they can use a map pin or any pin instead of the acupuncture needles; it will have the same effect.

The major difference between this healing with electric impulse machine and other techniques of Tong Ren Healing is the adjustable frequencies. First, the adjustable frequency affects the Tong Ren practitioner’s brainwaves, which then reflect to the patient for healing. Sometimes the frequency signals can directly affect the patient’s energy when we turn the machine on.
In our Tong Ren practice, we use the Great Wall brand Multi-Purpose Health Device for our standard studying. Its’ model number is KWD-808 II. Of course people can use any type of electric stimulator similar to ours. Our way of using the KWD-808 II device is very simple. With this impulse electrotherapy equipment, there are 5 different waveforms for selection. We only select the waveform of Continuous wave, which has a frequency of 1-100Hz. The frequency can easily be changed by turning the knob on the upper left hand side which is for the wave adjustment in the panel function indication. The indication light of the Continuous wave is located on the left side panel function indication with a green color window and writing as ADJ.

Before turning on the machine:

1. Make sure the Timer is in the ON position
2. Keep the Wave Selector in Continuous wave which is the first button on the left hand side
3. Keep all the 4 Output adjustment knobs in OFF position
4. Now you can push the Power switch down to the ON position to start the treatment.

Each output of electric impulse has one knob to control the volume. There are 4 knobs in the lower part of the panel. If you desire to use the KWD-808 II, it is required to keep these 4 knobs in the Off position before you turn the power switch on. Many people complain about the machine not working when they turn the power switch on. This is caused by the Output Regulator knobs being in the On position. The Output Regulator knob is to control the electricity output volume. In fact with Tong Ren practice, we keep these knobs in the Off position at all times. The adjustment of the volume control knobs will not affect the result of Tong Ren Healing. On the top right hand corner is the Timer. Also please pay attention to the Timer and remember to keep it in the On position before turning the power switch on. When we operate this device, only use two knobs; one is the Power switch which is on the center of the machine. The other one is the frequency adjustment FREQ 1 knob. WRS button is always kept on 1 with the on position. When you practice the Tong Ren Electrical Healing for a while, you can try selecting other different frequencies for your own experience.
If we look at the Wave Adjustment knob, marked Frequency 1, we can see it is marked with a range from 0 to 10. These marks indicate the range of waves; marks 0 to 3 is the Delta wave, 3 to 6 is the Theta wave, 6 to 8 is the Alpha wave; and 8 to 10 is the Beta wave.

When we use this equipment, the frequency of the brainwave isn’t first effecting the patient, but rather, it goes into the practitioner first, then reflects to effect the patient’s brainwave. In the study of western psychological this is called brainwave entrainment, also known as “brainwave synchronization”. The brainwave entrainment is concerned with frequency following response, a naturally occurring phenomenon. Where the human brain has a tendency to change its dominant EEG frequency towards the frequency of the dominant external stimuli applied to it. In the brainwave entrainment the West usually use the audio and light for the signal to lower down the brainwave into the Alpha or Theta state for the healing. There are many techniques for doctors and psychologists to lower down the brainwave for their practice. The common techniques for the brainwave entrainment include the EEG biofeedback and neurofeedback with meditation, hypnosis, or use the audio-visual equipments.

The audio method produces tones that pulse at the desired frequencies. This is known by musicians as tremolo. So when we want the patient to go into the relaxation state for help with any condition such as insomnia, depression, anxiety, or hyperactivity, we can put the Wave Adjustment knob in the Delta position. This is the lowest frequency range and calms down the patient’s brainwaves. When we put the frequency into the lower frequency ranges, it is normal for the patient and therapist to feel relaxed and sleepy. During the electrical Tong Ren treatment, patients may feel discomfort or jittery. Sometimes the high frequency wave may affect the therapist as well. When this occurs it is an indication of the frequency level being too high. In this condition, we should lower the frequency to change the uncomfortable feeling. Generally during the treatment, patients may feel relaxed, tingling, heaviness, warmth or heat. Patients may even describe the sensation as something moving. All of these sensations in TCM indicate the movement of Chi or the Chi effect.

When we use the audio-visual method or electric impulse method for brainwave entrainment, it can affect the frequency of the brainwaves. For healing, the frequency of the brainwaves is the most important part, but it is not enough for the healing purpose. According to Tong Ren Healing, we believe that brainwave entrainment not only needs to have the specific frequency, it is also needs to carry the signal of the organs and the blockages. This is where the problem originates. We believe that each organ has its’ own unique bioelectricity pathway and DNA bio-code signal that maintains organ operation and organ balance. If we are able to discover the bio-code signal of bioelectricity and DNA, we are then able to send the right form of the bio-code signal through brainwave entrainment. This will in turn trigger the unconsciousness and stimulate the potential healing energy for healing. In the Tom Tam Healing System we believe each disease must have one or more blockages. Opening the blockage heals the problem.

For the Tong Ren Electrical Healing method, the first step is to set up the electric impulse machine for frequency entrainment. In this healing method, its purpose is not any different than the biofeedback for healing. After setting up the electric impulse machine, the second step is to follow the Tong Ren Healing practice to select the acupuncture points and then put the needles into the selected points on the Tong Ren doll. After putting the needles on the doll, we can connect the output cables from the electric impulse machine to the needles.

After connecting the cables, the treatment is ready to begin. Continuing on the second step, the focus is on forming the healing pattern. When we put the needles in the doll, the image of the point’s location and its information of healing functionality are stored into our subconscious, which connects with the unconscious. For example, by putting a needle into the T2 point where the blockage is located for the thymus gland on the doll. At this point our mind stores the concept of the thymus, to correct the T cell’s function. This is for healing the auto immune disease. The T2’s location and the information of its function are stored in our brain as data. When we heal the sickness with brainwave entrainment, this data signal will be carried out with our unconscious and connect to the collective unconscious in order to entrain the patient’s unconsciousness.

All living beings have the potential ability for healing. In science, we know that we have the self-actualization, or self-healing ability. When we have a blockage in our body, it can cause the problem for self-healing. Also, the physical blockage can cause internal brainwave desynchronization. This is called internal dissociation. A brainwave is an electrical magnetic signal. It includes the signal of self-actualization. Each organ has its own frequency and a control area within the brain along with stored potential healing energy. If we can trigger the brain signals, we can make the potential healing energy come out for the healing.

Scientific knowledge tells us brainwaves can be entrained. It means one brainwave can affect another. The easy way to understand this concept is the human’s EEG, which is always connected to different brainwaves of other people. When one changes the frequencies and pattern, others will follow in synchronization. This is the theory and basis for the Tong Ren electrical healing.
If you are an acupuncturist, you may use your acupuncture electric machine for the Tong Ren Electical Healing. It is used in the same way as used in acupuncture practice, but we use the machine on the doll instead of the human body. A physical theroptist can use the TEN’s machine on the doll as used on the patients. Anyhow, the Tong Ren Electrical therapy only requires the frequency signal and a doll to indicate the location of healing.