Trouble Sleeping

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    Trouble Sleeping? Slow Tapping for Better Sleep

by Dave G.
Points: Motor Cortex (Top of the Head)
When you go to bed, tap slowly on the motor cortex (top of the head), for about 5 minutes, then try to sleep. Do it even if you feel sleepy. If it doesn't work for you the first time - try it a few more times.
You can use this also if you wake up in the middle of the night. If you have any kind of breathing issues, work on the medula a bit first. The goal is to induce delta brain wave patterns, which are 3 Hz and below. If you have trouble focusing this may be due to the lack of deep, delta wave sleep, so this is the place to start. When the mind rested sufficiently, it should be able to control itself when it comes to focus. This technique can also be tried with any type of stress or anxiety issue.
I have now had numerous reports that slow tapping has improved the quality of people's sleep. I recommend that people tap slowly (2 times per second) on the top of the head, after they go to bed. This should be done even if a person feels sleepy, because the objective is not just to go to sleep, but to reach a deep sleep. Tapping can be done on the doll with a hammer or a finger, and it can also be done directly on a person's head, with a finger.
I recommend tapping for several minutes, but just a minute might even be sufficent. It can also be tried if someone wakes up and cannot fall back to sleep. This technique makes use of brainwave entrainment to strenghten low frequency brainwaves which occur during deep sleep. NOT recommend for people who are subject to siezures. But outside of that it can be tried by anyone, and expecially anyone with sleep related medical issues. Like any Tong Ren practice, use judgement.
Everyone loves the benefits of a deep sleep. I think that it is very important to healing. We could possibly be amazed at the long term improvements that might be had from regular use.

A Tong Ren Run:
Insomnia T7L up, C2R, GB13R, BL9; T5L, LI18, Yintang, LV3