Healing Cancer with The Nervous System

Tong Ren Therapy - Healing Cancer with The Nervous System

Healing Cancer with the Nervous System connects the cause of cancer from blockages in the nervous system. It is a new concept to understanding cancer with topics such as: A Forgotten Nervous System - Cause of Cancer and the Phrenic Nerve - The Autonomic Nervous System and Cancer Healing - Central Nervous System and Bladder Meridian - Free Radicals and Kidney Meridian - Other Factors Cause Cancer - The Healing Way of Cancer - Diet and Cancer Healing - Into the Science Healing Concept - Pancreatic Cancer - Breast Cancer - Colon Cancer - Lung Cancer - Leukemia
"There are many ways to heal cancer. From these, many healing theories and methods have been developed over the last 50 years. But can we really heal cancer or are these just theories to help calm down the psychological problem? When a person is diagnosed with any type of cancer, advice begins to pour in from others, non-stop, for emotional support. Yet, does all this advice really help or does it just come from sympathy, without being backed any experience or knowledge.  |  (269pgs)