Distance Tong Ren Treatments with Kathy Wilson - Various Healing Packages are Available based on Your Needs!


Tong Ren Private Treatments Private Appointments are available via phone or by remote healing. Email kwilson@healingnexus.com Depending on What your Situation is - Kathy offers treatments in series for those who are looking for additional support and healing for their condition. You can book a series of treatments - on a weekly, monthly or open ended basis. Treatment Plans and Schedules are designed with you in mind and for optimum results.

With Tong Ren Therapy the process is to stimulate the areas in your body where the blockage points are.   Once the blockage areas are opened up the body has the ability to move back into optium health.  This covers nerve communication, blood flow, hormone balancing, calcium blancing, oxygen processing, stronger muscles, organ/gland communication,  cell communication, increased energy, weight loss/or gain.   Your body has the ability to move itself back into balance - with the Tong Ren Method we stimulate the blockage areas to support your healing process.  

Pricing: Tong Ren Treatments - Single Sessions or Package Pricing is available on request.   Online payment or you can give a credit card over the phone. 

Distance Sessions: 

  • 100.00 per session - [Sessions can be recorded and available for download in MP3 for replay-  Cost for recording session Add 10.00  to record and receive a CD copy mailed to your address add 20.00]
  • 150.00 for first sesson.  Involves preliminary evaluation call & treatment call alone with recording. 
  • Sessions can also be prepurchased in bulk.  6 for 450.00   |   10 for 650.00


  • If you are interested working on someone or yourself - Kathy will design a personal a written protocol that you can follow for your self/family member or firend for a specific person treatment.   Includes evaluation and discussion of client's conditions.  Cost 75.00